Sequoia Veterinary Services, Inc.

Established in 2010 and located in California’s Central Valley, the heart of the nation’s largest agricultural region, Sequoia Veterinary Services provides an extensive array of large animal veterinary services, including reproductive and research services. From an ambulatory clinic that travels to dairies and ranches to our laboratory facility, Sequoia Veterinary Services offers basic herd health and diagnostic services, preventative and emergency care, and a broad range of reproductive and embryo services. In addition, Sequoia Veterinary Services carries out research studies pertaining to bovine reproduction technologies, including cloning, performs field trials for industry research efforts, and offer embryo production services. We are one of only a few veterinary practices in the Central Valley to offer the most advanced methods in reproductive improvement. 

With the number of heads exceeding one million, Tulare County, where Sequoia Veterinary Services is located, is the number one county for cattle and milk production in the entire state. This makes the services provided by Sequoia Veterinary Services extremely valuable because, in essence,  we provide support not just our clients, but ultimately to industries that are crucial to the economy and health of our state.