Program Manager (proposed effort)
Job Opportunity at SoBran, Inc.

Posted on Dec 4


Location: Atlanta, GA
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4174182

Join The Winning Team…Team SoBran - We are an industry leader in designing professional animal care programs, managing animal facilities, and providing high quality technical support for laboratory animal research projects. At SoBran, we care about people. SoBran's success hinges on our employees. We maintain a professional environment and ensure that our people have the tools and training to achieve; and opportunities for learning and advancement. Our employees' individual talents contribute to our success! We thank you for your interest in SoBran.   

SoBran is seeking a Program Manager (proposed effort) for our facility in Atlanta, GA.

Overview:  Responsible for all activities required for the proper care and maintenance of the CDC Atlanta Area Animal Care Services operation as directed.

Description of Duties:  (Job descriptions are subject to change to reflect duties and responsibilities.)

*  Ensure that animals are cared for and maintained in accordance with the Animal Welfare Regulations, U.S. Public Health Service Policy on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.

*  Supervise and direct daily activities of project staff to ensure that all required functions are carried out appropriately, including receiving animals, feeding and watering, sanitation and cleaning, handling and restraint, health surveillance, equipment maintenance, supply inventories, animal manipulations, laboratory procedures, and other contract-related duties.

*  Establish breeding programs.

*  Follow-up on staff schedules to meet routine and emergency needs of the animals.

*  Ensure appropriate staff technical training, supervision, and evaluation.

*  Develop and revise all animal facility Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with review and approval of the Project Officer(s).

*  Ensure that all SOPs, quality assurance guidelines, and protocols are adhered to.

*  Report to the Project Officer(s) any abnormal conditions of the animals or the facility.

*  Provide oral or written reports, records, charts, logs, schedules and inventories to the Project Officer(s) as requested or required by the contract.

*  Order and maintain supply and equipment inventories.

*  Communicate needs for facility equipment, logistical support and management to the Project Officer.

*  Assist in contract activities, as necessary, to complete the work required.

*  Act as liaison between Project Officers and the contractor.

*  Receive and execute notices, directions, and instructions from the Project Officer and the contractor.

*  Provide service and advice to investigators on executing their protocols.

*  Provide program management support to the Atlanta and Lawrenceville sites.

*  Report any abnormal conditions of the animal facility or immediate vicinity to appropriate personnel.

*  Perform other duties as assigned by the contractor.

Requirements:  Must have a high school diploma or equivalent; bachelor’s degree preferred, certified by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science as a Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG), Certified Manager of Animal Resources (CMAR) certification preferred; and have 6 years experience in a laboratory animal facility, 3 years of which are in a supervisory position to include operations and personnel management.  Must have experience in such specialty areas as rodent and rabbit facilities management, exotic species and nonhuman primate facilities management, barrier management, biohazard containment to include ABSL3 operations, and data management.  Must complete the required training and receive clearance on the duties of Program Manager.

Our commitment

SoBran, is firmly committed to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and prohibits employment discrimination for employees and applicants based on age, race, color, pregnancy, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, marital status, citizenship, disability, protected veteran or other status protected by federal, state, and local laws.